torek, 28. marec 2017

Flop open box

I made a flop open box for a good fiend of mine for her birthday. A EOS lip balm packaged in a cute little box with the sentiment inside ;)

Hope you like it and have a great day!



ponedeljek, 27. marec 2017

sreda, 22. marec 2017

Spring card

After a really long time I have some time to make a post on my blog again ... had some ups and downs ... but really hope to get this blog started again ... I'm more active on my FB page as you know and for those how don't know and want to fallow me more regularly...I hope you are all well and really hope to visit your blogs more often ;)

And here is a card I made recently for a customer, it's for her friends 50th birthday with her name on it. And it just screams spring, don't you think?